Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Santa Giulitta”

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced from olives grown on our hills and it has all the advantages inherent in being so near to Lake Garda, where the particularly mild climate (ventilated and cool) has the effect that pestisides are unnecessray because olive-parasites require warmer climes to proliferate. We harvest between November and December. The difficult conditions of our land, do not permit mechanical harvesting by tree shaking; we continue to harvest using traditional hand picking methods. The harvest is then sent to the mill for grinding, where the traditional millstones are used for cold extraction. The resulting oil is a fine example of typical extra virgin olive oil, evidenced by its green-gold color,  delicate fruity aroma and naturally low acidity.   Its green hues arise from its chlorophyll content, another natural preservative.

/750ml - 1 lt

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