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Villa dei Cipressi

“Villa dei Cipressi” is a historical manor, listed as “Venetian Villas” and recognised as a Heritage Site. It was build at the end of ‘800, at the top of Sona Village.  The Villa has surrounded by a secular park and it benefits of a breathless view of whole Verona’ Valley.

The fountain with water-lilies, bamboo grove, coniferous and secular cypresses create a suggestive atmosphere, at the same time romantic and relaxing, in a total privacy environment.

From the manor begin the “Viale dei Cipressi” (Cypresses Avenue), which is preserved as Historical Heritage, up to the “Corno hill”.  The “Cypresses Avenue” raise and walk-over the whole land around; with Verona at the East, Garda Lake at West
and Dolomites at the North.

Not far from the Villa you can find the Cellar.  There it is possible to taste and enjoy those wines which Sparici Landini family dedicates most of their energy from the last 50 years.

Guests could stay in the country-house, originally used for the farmer, or they can stay in the Villa, at the center of the secular park.  The large rooms of Villa dei Cipressi keep intact the “retro style”, with its “grandfathers style furniture”, linen drapes and ancient tiles.

Villa dei Cipressi

The Location


Our territory is part of Garda Lake Morainic amphitheater, composed of a succession of horseshoe shaped hills, not taller than 210 meters (above the sea level). These hills are formed of incoherent materials, erosive and permeable, pebbles and gravel deposited by glaciations and streams in the last million years.


Via Montecorno, 10 - 37060 Sona (Verona) Italy

(t) +39 045 8240 466
(m) +39 347 1853 881

(Codice Locazione Turistica: M0230830026)