Villa dei Cipressi

Meetings & Events

Ceremonies, weddings and corporate parties are just few reasons to get into Villa dei Cipressi’ hospitality: each season timetabled by special events that can be lived at the Villa or at the Cellar, for unique sensorial experiences.

Villa dei Cipressi’ sumptuous and luxuriant appearance, with its position surrounded by secular park, at the Garda Lake typical scenery, it offers a sensorial pleasure that it renew itself at each glance.
A private scenery that it guarantees a sight to behold and that it is perfect for framing each type of event, especially the one of your “Most Special Day”.

Parties, Events & Weddings

Villa dei Cipressi

The Location


Our territory is part of Garda Lake Morainic amphitheater, composed of a succession of horseshoe shaped hills, not taller than 210 meters (above the sea level). These hills are formed of incoherent materials, erosive and permeable, pebbles and gravel deposited by glaciations and streams in the last million years.


Via Montecorno, 10 - 37060 Sona (Verona), Italy

(t) +39 045 8240 466
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